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American Speech

Folder labelled 'American Speech' containing newspaper cuttings and conference programs on the topic. Two unrelated items in the folder are articles by others titled 'John Clare Country' and 'The Classical Face of Bath'.

Clive Sansom

Ameto : comedia delle ninfe Fiorentine

Boccaccio, Ameto, ed. Francesco Sansovino.
Pr. Gabriel Giolito de’ Ferrari, Venice, 1558.
Italic typeface; classicizing engraved initials.
On the title page is an old shelfmark 2940. From the Library of Christ College; given by Rev. R.R. Davies in 1852.
Cent Coll Rare PQ4270. A2 1558.

Amos Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1774-1845

Microfilm includes - Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - December 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which Adam Amos was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names. 1931.
"History of the Amos and Lyne families", by C(larendon) Amos, also duplicated notes for members of the family (later published privately as 'Family history of Adam Amos of 'Glen Gala' and William Lyne of Apsley'. manuscript list of memorials in the Amos burial ground, Cranbrook, Tasmania

Amos Family

Amy Young to Mrs Meredith

Eight undated letters from Amy Young to Mrs Meredith. Accepting or refusing invitations for herself and Mr.Young, Mr Ratcliffe's arrival on business, thanks for gooseberries, goats for disposal, advised to apply leeches for pain in side - could Mrs. Meredith spare some, her bereavement, Mrs Poynter's "accouchement".

Mary Ann Meredith

ANARE Operations Manual 1972

Government document relevant to Antarctic program operations, stations, Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions. Provides document or extract only.

Bill Bush

Anatomy Studies Attendance

Certificate of attendance of W. Downie at lectures at the Theatre of Anatomy, Great Windmill Street, London, and diligence in dissecting. Signed: Charles Bell, John Stair. Paper has portrait of William Hunter M.D. Dated January 1824

William Downie

Andersons Chalets Port Sorell 1959

Colour photograph depicts two small children running on gravel path near fibro (fibrous cement sheet) accommodation block, in a bush setting at Port Sorell, 1959.

Hal Wyatt

Andrew Downie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1814-1879

Collection consists of mainly financial papers. Includes indenture, correspondence, sheep & wool business papers, bills & accounts

Andrew Downie

Andrew Gatenby : Militia substitute certificate

  • Collection
  • 1814

Militia substitute certificate dated December 1814. Certificate of enrolment of substitute to serve in place of A. Gatenby, Appleton le Moors, North Riding of Yorkshire, namely Robert Graystock, wheelwright. Until the 19th century militia units were used in home defence and maintaining law and order in vulnerable locations such as Ireland and the south coast of England. Militia units did not have to serve overseas, but they were seen as a useful reserve of trained men. Bounties were offered to militiamen who exchanged into the regular Army for overseas service.
Many of the men serving in the militia were substitutes serving on behalf of those whose names had been drawn in the county ballot. These substitutes often made a charge for taking over the duties. When the militia was fully embodied on a permanent footing during periods of war, a higher figure could be demanded and obtained. The regiment benefited by receiving experienced soldiers instead of raw recruits.


Andrew Gatenby

Andrew Inglis Clark Collection

  • Collection

Papers of A.I. Clark sr. include letters received from friends and colleagues, including American lawyers, a few papers relating to his legal practice, letters of appointment to political offices, papers relating to Australian federation and the Australian constitution and drafts of essays, speeches or articles on law, politics, philosophy and religion. Papers of A.I. Clark jr. include correspondence while serving in the army 1915 - 1919, correspondence with family and friends and family photographs, correspondence relating to his law practice and notes and articles on law, and notes on Tasmanian statutes and minutes of the editorial board on reprinting the Tasmanian Statutes (1935).

Andrew Inglis Clark

Angianthus brachypappus

Watercolour and pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink at Horseshoe Bend, Central Australia, 13/9/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Angianthus brachypappus

Olive Pink

Angus and Robertson

Correspondence with Angus and Robertson, publishers, Sydney. Dated 1948-53, and 1957. Mainly in regard to Edmund Morris Millers's publication Pressmen and Governors. Includes letters from Colin Roderick written while he was employed at Angus & Robertson.

Edmund Morris Miller

Ann Johnston to cousin John Meredith

Letters from Ann Johnston to cousin John Meredith dated November 1820-1822. Warning against forming an intimacy with any of the passengers- "a set of disappointed people whose fortunes are become desperate", 20 "a dangerous but delightful age, his radical politics, "Emerld" not calling at Madeira so no letter, Mr Dunn taking letters, news of Mr George Meredith's marriage, letter from Teneriffe received - sorry he was so sea sick, visit to Birmingham, John's young brother Ben learning to sing, his mother Sarah, David and Joseph, dined at Henry Meredith's, respects to Mr and Mrs Meredith and love to their children, received copy of letter from the Cape- sorry he was suffering, glad to hear of beneficial effects of climate of V.D.L., hopes for future, times bad in England, especially for farmers, seen letters of G. Meredith to brothers and Sarah and Sabina's to Mrs Flaherty.

John Meredith

Ann Mather's letters home

Ann Mather's letters home Jan 1824 -1829. Extracts and copies of letters from Mrs Ann Mather (nee Benson) to her brother, Rev. Samuel Benson, and sisters, Isabella Whytall and Sarah Benson in London, apparently made after her death, consisting mainly of religious sentiments. Also copy of her Memoir written by her brother Rev. Samuel Benson(18b)

Ann Mather

Anna Maria (Cotton) Mather

Letters from sons and daughters: Anna Maria (Cotton) Mather 1848, January-February 1856. To Mother: the children, Anna very active, servant leaving, free girls difficult to obtain, Esther Mather delighted with shells (11 September1848); to Father: hopes his health improved and not affected by South Australian heat, Sarah Ball going to England, Baby still alive but very emaciated ; to Mother: she must be lonely without Mary and with Father away so long, baby a mere shadow, Joseph harrassed with Steam Company's affairs

Francis Cotton

Annexation of Macquarie Island

Historical analysis confirming that Macquarie Island is Tasmanian. Relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, sealing, New Zealand, sub-Antarctic. Provides document or extract, and source information and Bill Bush notes.

Bill Bush

Annual Commemoration 1896

Photographic except taken from the Tasmanian Mail, 16 January 1897 showing graduating students : Mr W.A. Roberts (LLB), Mr W.J.T. Stops (LLB), Mr Herbert Nicholls (LLB), Mr J.H. Keating (LLB), Miss E.H Wilson, first lady graduate (BA) and Lieutenant -Colonel Cruickshank, Registrar

University of Tasmania

Annual Report of the High School of Hobart Town

High School of Hobart Town report on the 1859 annual examinations, with copies of examination papers, and list of council and masters. Drawing of building at front. Printed pamphlet J. Davies 'Mercury' office.

High School of Hobart Town

Annual Reports

Printed copies of annual reports and balance sheets for the company, dated 1945 to 1952.
Chairman: C. Alcorso;
Directors: O. Alcorso, J.T. Vinton Smith, E. Hearnshaw;
Managing Director: P. Sonnino.

Silk and Textile Printers Pty. Ltd

Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Regulations (1867, 1879-1944, 1867-8, 1879, 1882, 1886, 1888-90, 1944) They concern milestones of the School, its financial situation, staffing, donations, and outings or treats. Children who die are usually named.

Girls Industrial School Hobart

Annual Reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Annual reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce for the period 1910 to 1919. Includes names of officers, list of members (including trade and names officers), report of committee, summary of production, commerce and trade.
• 3. - 1910-1911
• 4. - 1911-1912
• 5. - 1913-1914
• 6. - 1914-1915
• 7. - 1916
• 8. - 1917
• 9. - 1918
• 10. - 1919

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Annual reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Annual Reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce for the period 1947 to 1981. Reports only, although 1949 is included with a handbook, with list of members, rules as general information and from 1955 names of officers. Reports missing for years 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957.

  1. 1947
  2. 1948
  3. 1949
  4. 1950
  5. 1951
  6. 1952
  7. 1955
  8. 1958
  9. 1959
  10. 1960
  11. 1961
  12. 1962
  13. 1963
  14. 1964
  15. 1965
  16. 1966
  17. 1967
  18. 1968
  19. 1969
  20. 1970
  21. 1971
  22. 1972
  23. 1973
  24. 1974
  25. 1975
  26. 1976
  27. 1977
  28. 1978
  29. 1979
  30. 1980
  31. 1981

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition letter to members. Includes 1991-02-06 "ASOC report on the Antarctic Treaty Special Consultative Meeting on the Antarctic environment" and 1991-01-14 "Report on the Eighth UN debate on the Question of Antarctica"

Non-government organisation document relevant to XI SATCM, Viña del Mar, minerals convention, world park campaign, CRAMRA, mining ban, Australia, France, Greenpeace, United nations. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition "The Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources — a management protocol is urgently needed" (CCAMLR-IX/NGO/1)

Non-government organisations document relevant to fisheries and fishing, Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, CCAMLR, non-government organisations. Provides document and source information. Not on CCAMLR web site.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition "Two Recent Studies on Driftnet Catch and By-Catch (Tasman Sea, South Pacific and North Pacific)" (CCAMLR-IX/NGO/2)

Non-government organisations document relevant to fisheries and fishing, Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, CCAMLR, non-government organisations. Provides document and source information. Not on CCAMLR web site.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, "A new code of conduct on waste disposal: comments of ASOC to the SCAR Recommendations" ASOC Information Paper No 1. (ATCM XV/ASOC INF.1)

Non-government organisations document relevant to environment protection, waste management, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. Provides document and source information. Document not on ATS web site.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, "Accidents in the Antarctic" ASOC Information Paper No 4. (PREP ATCM XV/ASOC INF.4)

Non-government organisations document relevant to marine pollution, maritime accidents, Bahia Paraiso, BIC Humboldt, HMS Endurance, Exxon Valdez, Alaska, Antarctic Peninsula. Provides document and source information. Document not on ATS web site.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, Eco "Lest we forget" (Eco Volume XXXII Number 1). Includes related documents (Eco Volume XXXII Number 2, Eco Volume XXXII Number 3 and Eco Volume XXXII Number 4)

Non-governmental organisation campaign documents relevant to CCAMLR, Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, fisheries and fishing, ASOC. Provides documents and source information.

Bill Bush

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, "Permanent protection for Antarctica: a conservation convention is urgently needed" ASOC Information Paper No 2. (PREP ATCM XV/ASOC INF.2)

Non-government organisations document relevant to environmental protection, world park, minerals, protected areas, Antarctic Treaty. Provides document and source information. Document not on ATS web site.

Bill Bush

Antarctic expedition 1929

  • Collection
  • 1929

Small notebook, roughly entered in pencil used on the Discovery Mawson Antarctic expedition, 1929, by M. H. Moyes to note details on stores and packing in holds, including such items as clothing, balaclavas, oil skins, snow-shoes, boots, equipment, instruments, etc.
and notes of use and issues of items.

Morton Henry Moyes

Antarctic Minerals Regime, the Beeby Draft

Inter-governmental document relevant to Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities, CRAMRA, "Beeby I". Provides document only. Not on ATS web site (note: this version is a transcript that appeared in ECO, July 1983. The original was circulated in SATCM IV as ANT(83)MR/17. The document corresponds with the latter part of

Bill Bush

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