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A School Geometry

Hall, H. S., & Stevens, F. H. (1930). A School Geometry. Parts IV., V. and VI. Macmillan & Co: London.

Ronald Turner Ralph

Aboriginal caves Tedworth

Lantern slide of aboriginal caves at Tedworth. Prepared by J.W. Beattie (1859-1930) whose studio locations were Elizabeth Street, Hobart from 1891-1920, Murray Street from 1921-40 and Cat and Fiddle until 1994.

John Watt Beattie

Aboriginal implement quarry

Lantern slide of an aboriginal implement quarry at Tedworth. Prepared by J.W. Beattie (1859-1930) whose studio locations were Elizabeth Street, Hobart from 1891-1920, Murray Street from 1921-40 and Cat and Fiddle until 1994.

John Watt Beattie

Aboriginal Sleeping Customs and Dream

Berndt, R. M.
Aboriginal Sleeping Customs and Dreams, Ooldea, South Australia.
Reprint Oceania, March 1940, Vol. X No.3
Owned by Olive Pink and signed by the author for her

Olive Pink

Aboriginal vocabulary

  • Collection
  • 1827

This booklet lists Tasmanian aboriginal vocabulary and contains 332 words and 72 names of men and women. A pencilled note on front states: By the Rev. J. Norman, Sorell. The paper has a watermark date of 1827.

James Norman

About Clive's death

Group of letters labelled 'About Clive's death' from Peter Leonard, Hugh Macindoe, James Darling, Olive Woolman, Geoffrey[?] and William Ridden.

Clive Sansom

Abraham Davy - letter to Francis Cotton

Letter to Francis Cotton from Abraham Davy dated 7 November 1844. Davy remembered his visit to the Cottons and the Cottons visit to NSW. He also mentioned his family - Helen making progress at school, Meetings, Quakers Ruth Allen and J.P. Robinson, plainness of speech, T. Pollard's children, second marriage.

Thomas Judd

A.C. Black

Folder headed 'A.C. Black'. This contains several letters to and from the publisher about Sansom's proposed book of story rhymes and about the publisher's rejection of his book of poems 'This Happy Breed'.

Clive Sansom

Acacia salicina

Coloured pencil drawing sketched by Olive Pink, Beltana, South Australia 17/7/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Acacia salicina

Olive Pink


Account with Temperance Alliance rendered 20 May 1857 in account with Geo. W Walker

George Washington Walker

Account : 1833

Account dated March-September 1833 for cloth, blankets, clothing, etc. bought by John Terry of J.W. Robertson of Hobart Town.

John Terry

Account : October 1819

Account including various bills totalling ?1211.17.3, settling all demands between Samuel Terry and John Terry and signed by both parties. Dated 21 October 1819.

John Terry

Account book

Account book belonging to George Newton Levy for the years 1900 to 1917, recording sums owed to him for work done etc.

Duncan Loane Pty.

Account Book - household & general: 1814-1822

  • Item
  • 1814-1822
  • Part of Leake Papers

Account Book - household &general 1814-1822 Includes:
• Mrs Leake's household expenses 1814-1820
Household &incidental family expenses such as: servants' wages, food, cakes 2d, washing, oranges, bath brick, child's knife, coals, cloak dying 3/6d, "wearing apparel or myself and children £3", "pewage at St. John's £1 .3s","by Harrison's coach for Arthur's christening"
3 Nov.1814, tape, thread and needles 1/6d, by missionary collections 3s 6d, sacramental collection 6d.
• John Leake's business and general expenses 1820 -July1822 Includes business expenses such as import of oil, "drink money" for carriers etc., and some family expenses such as Edward's schooling, Mrs Leake for housekeeping, papering a room.
• re-used in 1837 for building workers' rations

John Leake

Account Book: 1819 -1823

  • Item
  • 1819 -1823
  • Part of Leake Papers

Account Book 1819 -1823 Includes
• Hamburg trade 1819 -Sept. 1821
Accounts of oil consigned to John Leake of Hamburg (ie.whale oil, black, brown and linseed oil). Also a few other commodities such as sewing cotton from Dacca Twist co., Manchester, redlead, 201 bags Bengal turmeric, Indian tobacco, rum.
• Stores for V.D.L. Sept. 1822
Purchases made by Leake before departure for V.D.L., including: clothing, cloth, farm implements, harness, ox harness, ploughs, carts, carpentry and joinery tools, millstones, smith's anvil, seeds of grass, clover, rye, parsley etc. for pasture, assorted garden vegetable seeds, flowers, hawthorn berries, stove, pots and pans including cast iron girdle, "tea boiler" and camp oven,candle molds,12 boxes of crown glass, drawers and bookcase, sea grass mattress, medicines, stationery, a patent brewing machine, a pair of brass barreled pistols and bullet molds.

John Leake

Account Book: 1820

Account book dated 1820 detailing cash received and expenses, including duty, postage, carriage, wages, brokerage,
warehouse rents, "drink money" on commodities such as oil, candles, whitelead, rapeseed, oats, turmeric. Also "subscription: Freemason". Rough draft of letter, 1838, partly illegible, at front.

John Leake

Account book of Backhouse & Walker

  • Collection
  • 1832-1838

Microfilm copy of the account book of James Backhouse and George Washington Walker for the years 1832 to 1838

James Backhouse

Account by Bruce

Historical narrative relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, United Kingdom, territories administration, meteorological services, Bruce, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, South Orkney Islands, Laurie Island. Provides source information and Bill Bush notes

Bill Bush

Account Journal

  • Item
  • July 1921 - March 1927
  • Part of Fuller Papers

Bookshop account journal dated July 1921 - March 1927 including wages, furniture, stock.

William Edwin Fuller

Account ledger

Account ledger dated Sept. 1893 -Aug. 1895. The ledger contains ledger balances, profit & loss account, trial balances, including ships' expenses and cargos, captains, Anchor Tin Mining and other ventures.

Alexander McGregor

Account Ledger - William Gunn

Account Ledger of William Gunn c.1835 -1868. Little information recorded. Enclosed: bills for brass candlesticks and snuffers, washing for Mrs Gunn (1845).

William Gunn

Account of Argentine meteorological station

Historical narrative relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, United Kingdom, territories administration, meteorological services, Bruce, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, South Orkney Islands, Laurie Island. Provides document or extract, with source information

Bill Bush

Account of the visit to Australia

Two volumes describing L. Violet Hodgkin impressions of colonial life (not always favourable), the meetings and the social functions and detailed descriptions of the chief Friends’ in each place. In Hobart, where they arrived on the 9th of March, 1909, after brief calls at Perth and Melbourne, and stayed a Heathorn’s Hotel, Violet, described especially the Mathers, the Robeys and their daughters Linor and Margie, the Prosptings whose shop was not doing well, Edith Barnett, John Ridley walker, Elder of the Meeting, and his aunt Mary Augusta Walker. Violet Hodgkin and her brother held special meetings, talks or bible classes for the younger members in each place and in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide joined the Young Friends camps. In Hobart Violet describes several girls from Friends High School. Hobart, New Zealand and Adelaide were highlights of the visit. Violet Hodgkin does not say much about Sydney, where they spent two months, except for a visit to the Allens in the Blue Mountains, and the visits to Queensland and Melbourne were short and often difficult. Some photos of groups and people are stuck in the “Diary” account. There is also a photograph album of people met, groups and scenery (DX10/3)

Thomas Hodgkin

Account with Schroder & Grossmann: 1821-1822

  • Item
  • 1821-1822
  • Part of Leake Papers

Account with Schroder & Grossmann dated November 1821 to August 1822. Small notebook: "Contra buch fur Sr. J. Leake mit Schroder & Grossmann A.1821", containing chronological entries of fairly large sums and personal names or figures.
The notebook was later used as a diary by Mrs E. Leake and some draft letters by W.B. Leake are noted in the back.

John Leake


Miscellaneous accounts and receipts of the Denison No.1 Branch, and statement of receipts and expenditure of Central Execution of Tasmanian Workers' Political League for year ending 24 April 1915.

Robert Cosgrove


Bills for postage dated 1839 and 1840 also Bible & Tract Society dated 1863

Accounts of money due & draft letter

Double page from a volume, containing:
a) Accounts of money due from John Terry to Samuel Terry for expenses while in N.S.W., including 10,000 shingles £6.13.4, wheat, meat, wine glasses, tea, boots, 5 yards gingham, boat hire, 'cash going to Parramatta 10 s', 'cash lent at Chapel 1 s'. 1819

(Note: Samuel Terry, a wealthy trader and property owner of N.S.W. (originally transported 1801 from Salford, Lancashire, England, does not appear to have been related to John Terry).

b) Draft of letter c1820, probably written by John Terry to his brother in England, gives his reason for leaving Port Jackson and coming to Van Diemen's Land - they could only have a twenty one year lease of their wind-mill at Sydney. He describes his property, mill, forge, stock yard, etc. close by the Derwent, 21 miles from Hobart, and a further 1400 acres 10 miles up the River which included good pasture.

John Terry

Ackworth School development plan

Ackworth School development plan drawn by John L Denman F.I.R.B.A. 27 Queens Road Brighton. Dated 1946. showing the location of existing buildings, existing buildings altered and new buildings.

Ackworth School

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