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1830-31: Farm memoranda

Farm memoranda dated 1830-1831 detailing notes of farm activities, weather, names of calves and men's rations

Francis Cotton

1856-59: Farm Journal

Farm journal for Kelvedon, January 1856 to February 1859. A journal recording farming activities at 'Kelvedon', the Cotton family's property near Swansea on the East Coast of Tasmania. George Fordyce Story lived with the Cottons at Kelvedon and contributed to their farming efforts. The journal contains monthly records for 1856 - 1859 describing the management of crops and livestock, as well as important family events. Kept by Edward Octavius cotton

Francis Cotton

1863-66: Farm Journal

Farm journal for Kelvedon, June 1863 to March 1866. For the years 1867-9 see also Sheep Record 1866-70 (36)

Francis Cotton

1874: Pocket book diary

Pocket book diary dated 1874. E.O. Cotton (?): entries incluse notes on sheep gathering, shearing etc., bullocks, quarrying stone at Bend, carpentery work, work of Costello and Leckie, father & brothers, picnic on Hollyhock Hills, Belmont fence

Francis Cotton

1875: Farm Journal

Farm journal dated February - March 1875. Lat two pages and back cover of volume, decayed at bottom.

Francis Cotton

1875-81: Farm Journal

Farm journal dated April 1875 - January 1881. Enclosed is a note about roads and bushfires

Francis Cotton

1892-97: Farm Journal

Farm journal dated 1892 - 1897. Also includes general diary entries, references tofamily and visitors

Francis Cotton

1896 -1909: Farm & General Journal

Farm and General journal dated 1896 -1909. Mainly farm, some general entries, boat, boating picnics, visitors etc. Spine title of volume enscribed "Log Book E.O.C."

Francis Cotton

Abraham Davy - letter to Francis Cotton

Letter to Francis Cotton from Abraham Davy dated 7 November 1844. Davy remembered his visit to the Cottons and the Cottons visit to NSW. He also mentioned his family - Helen making progress at school, Meetings, Quakers Ruth Allen and J.P. Robinson, plainness of speech, T. Pollard's children, second marriage.

Thomas Judd


Account with Temperance Alliance rendered 20 May 1857 in account with Geo. W Walker

George Washington Walker

Account of the visit to Australia

Two volumes describing L. Violet Hodgkin impressions of colonial life (not always favourable), the meetings and the social functions and detailed descriptions of the chief Friends’ in each place. In Hobart, where they arrived on the 9th of March, 1909, after brief calls at Perth and Melbourne, and stayed a Heathorn’s Hotel, Violet, described especially the Mathers, the Robeys and their daughters Linor and Margie, the Prosptings whose shop was not doing well, Edith Barnett, John Ridley walker, Elder of the Meeting, and his aunt Mary Augusta Walker. Violet Hodgkin and her brother held special meetings, talks or bible classes for the younger members in each place and in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide joined the Young Friends camps. In Hobart Violet describes several girls from Friends High School. Hobart, New Zealand and Adelaide were highlights of the visit. Violet Hodgkin does not say much about Sydney, where they spent two months, except for a visit to the Allens in the Blue Mountains, and the visits to Queensland and Melbourne were short and often difficult. Some photos of groups and people are stuck in the “Diary” account. There is also a photograph album of people met, groups and scenery (DX10/3)

Thomas Hodgkin

Ada Walker

Photograph of Ada Walker (nee Giblin, Mrs Ridley Walker) undated. Head and shoulders, elderly lady, spectacles, black gown.

James Backhouse Walker

Additonal grant

Application to locate additonal grant of 750 acres between Webber's land and Cotton corner tree at Rocky Hills dated 1831

Francis Cotton


Unidentified ambrotypes, identity of subjects and photographer unknown

James Backhouse Walker

Ann Mather's letters home

Ann Mather's letters home Jan 1824 -1829. Extracts and copies of letters from Mrs Ann Mather (nee Benson) to her brother, Rev. Samuel Benson, and sisters, Isabella Whytall and Sarah Benson in London, apparently made after her death, consisting mainly of religious sentiments. Also copy of her Memoir written by her brother Rev. Samuel Benson(18b)

Ann Mather

Anna Maria (Cotton) Mather

Letters from sons and daughters: Anna Maria (Cotton) Mather 1848, January-February 1856. To Mother: the children, Anna very active, servant leaving, free girls difficult to obtain, Esther Mather delighted with shells (11 September1848); to Father: hopes his health improved and not affected by South Australian heat, Sarah Ball going to England, Baby still alive but very emaciated ; to Mother: she must be lonely without Mary and with Father away so long, baby a mere shadow, Joseph harrassed with Steam Company's affairs

Francis Cotton

Apsley River

Lease for 5 years of 50 acres from George Williams to Robert Ord , Apsley River 1861

Francis Cotton

Barnett family

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Barnett family. Barbara Barnett, the grand-daughter of Henry Propsting, established the first ‘rest home’ for old people in Hobart in 1922.

Thomas Judd


Photographs of Bellerive (Kangaroo Bay), taken c1882 photographed by Baily.

James Backhouse Walker

Birth Certificate : Mary Cotton

Birth certificate of Mary, daughter of Francis Cotton, carpenter and Anna Maria Cotton in Spitalfields, Middlesex, England, 23/12/1827.

Mary Cotton

Botanic Gardens

Photograph of Botanic Gardens, Hobart, showing wide footpath leading to water, trees and hedge. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Bothwell township

Photograph of a distant view of Bothwell, Tasmania. Stamped on back "Wilkinson Chemist, Hobart Town), and ms. "Bothwell Township, Tasmania, J B W".

James Backhouse Walker


Photograph of "Burnside", rural scene, house in distance.

James Backhouse Walker

Business correspondence and accounts

Business correspondence and accounts dated 1831 to 1883. Including:
*(47) invoices for goods sent from London By Thomas Cotton, including desks, work boxes, watch springs, Robert Braggs' account for and note about guns, shingle nails from William Peacock, W. Naylor's printing inks and varnishes for sale, proceeds of sale of Dr. Story's house to pay Lowe & Johnson, and also note about grass seeds, paint, wharfage etc, and letter from William Allen (1835) that dead cows might have been poisoned by a fungus in damp grass, suggests feeding on lucerne, clover, rye etc. (1831-1836, 11 papers);

*(48-65) bill for gun (1837); payment note: R.Wells (1842}, John Allen (1843); notes of produce sent, clothing; Francis Smith, Attorney General's Office 19 July 59: liability for road rates owed by former owner; payment note: boots David Hynes (1863); letter (signature missing): Haynes claim for debt v. G. Cotton (1871); E. Theobald, London: sent two telecopes and catalogue, Greenwich changed (1880); William Smith: apples, skins sold, wheat market low, wheel for repair (31.5.1882); A.C. Douglas, General Post Office: under paid letters or packets between U.K. and Tasmania (7.11.82, 15.11.82); A.W. Smith, Swansea: postage stamps (23.12.82); letters: bank: cheques received, shares, W. Crosby: freight, wool bales, bottle of medicine from Messrs Newell (1882-3).

Francis Cotton

Cabinet Portraits

Collection of cabinet portraits some subjects named. Verso with photographers details

James Backhouse Walker

Carte de visite

Collection of carte-de-visite some subjects named. Verso with photographers details

James Backhouse Walker


Photographs of the Cascades taken c1892 by Beattie photographer.

James Backhouse Walker

Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Photograph of Launceston, Cataract Gorge, with railed walkway, glossy print numbered 35 and stamped D'Emden

James Backhouse Walker

Charles Sowden

Photograph of Charles Sowden, , B.A., age 28, teacher at Friends' School, Hobart, depicted ringing school bell.

Circular addressed to licenced victuallers

Copy of circular, dated 1855, Hobart Town, addressed to licenced victuallers and others interested in the sale of intoxicating drink advising them of the enclosed petition prepared by the Tasmanian Temperance and Total Abstinence Association to the Legislative Council prohibiting the Sunday traffic in intoxicating liquors.

George Washington Walker


Undated complaint by the finance committee of the Hobart Town Total Abstinence Society addressed to Mr J.B. Mather and Mr Geo. Bell, of suffering grievous moral wrong and slander from Geo. W Walker

George Washington Walker

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections. Letter to Arthur Perry (Member of the Legislative Council) dated 5 March 1855 from the committee of the Tasmanian Temperance and Total Abstinence Association bringing to his consideration the very demoralising effect of treating Electors with intoxicating drinks and the vile system of supplying the means of drunkenness and debauchery at elections

George Washington Walker


Personal letters and other documents, letterbooks and business correspondence

George Washington Walker

Cotton Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1831-1936

Collection consists of documents relating to the Cotton property and farm also correspondence and personal papers of Francis Cotton and his children. Also included are the papers relating to the estate Joseph William Story of Eastern Marshes, Oatlands who appointed his cousin G.F. Story and Francis Cotton his trustees and executors.

Cotton Family

Davey Street and Hampden Road Hobart

Various photographs of Davey St., Hobart and Hampden Road looking towards Davey Street. undated. Photographed by H H Bailey and 1 by Winter

James Backhouse Walker


Copies of original diaries covering George W Walker's missionary journey in Australia from 1831-1838.

George Washington Walker

Don Store : diary four

Diary of the Don Store, 11 February 1887 - 30 December 1888. In February 1886 Wells was appointed manager of the Don branch store of the Don Trading Company by John Henry, the owner, and about 1888 he took over the store, which became William Wells & Co

William Levitt Wells

Don Store : diary one

Diary of the Don Store, 14 March 1886 - 6 June 1886. In February 1886 Wells was appointed manager of the Don branch store of the Don Trading Company by John Henry, the owner, and about 1888 he took over the store, which became William Wells & Co

William Levitt Wells

Don Store : diary three

Diary of the Don Store, 31 October 1886 - 9 February 1887. In February 1886 Wells was appointed manager of the Don branch store of the Don Trading Company by John Henry, the owner, and about 1888 he took over the store, which became William Wells & Co

William Levitt Wells

Don Store : diary two

Diary of the Don Store, 6 June 1886 - 31 October 1886. In February 1886 Wells was appointed manager of the Don branch store of the Don Trading Company by John Henry, the owner, and about 1888 he took over the store, which became William Wells & Co

William Levitt Wells

Donation from Bicheno

Document dated Liverpool 1844, George Walker on behalf of the Total Abstinence Society for the donation of a pound towards funds from James Ebenezer Bicheno

George Washington Walker

Edward Octavius Cotton

Letters from sons and daughters: Edward Octavius Cotton 1872, 1875 Kelvedon: Earlham sheep (1872); Hobart: death of Sarah, memorial card (12 March 1875)

Francis Cotton

Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Various photographs of Elizabeth Street, Hobart, looking north and south, taken c1879, 1881 by photographers Anson Bros. and Winter

James Backhouse Walker

Family Correspondence

Personal papers and corresponcence of Francis Cotton, also documents reating to other appointments held

Francis Cotton

Family reminiscences

" Whence my Family" - Family reminiscences by James Backhouse Walker (handwritten in block copy, New Testament cover) and compact disc containing scan of original and photographs of the Walker Family ( W9/Ph 153 - blue album)

James Backhouse Walker

Farm : 22 to 65

Diaries, Journals, memoranda and pocketbooks relating to farming activities

Cotton Family

Farm accounts

Farm accounts dated 1911 - 1936. A.Tylney and J. Archibald Cotton. Bark, orchard etc.

Francis Cotton

Farm and estate accounts

Farm and estate accounts dated 1883 - 1918. Including wages, rations, stock and produce, freight, family, apples, fencing wattle bark, etc.

Francis Cotton

Ferns and waterfall

Photograph of ferns and small waterfall, Hobart. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Francis and Anna Maria Cotton

Corresponcence between Francis and Anna Maria Cotton dated 1867 to 1868 during his visit to South Australia (including Adelaide, Streaky Bay, Wanstead, Melrose), Victoria and New South Wales

Francis Cotton

Francis Cotton : Appointments held : 134 to 150

Francis Cotton's correspondence and papers relating to the Society of Friends. He paid many visits of concern to Friends in South Australia, Victoria and N.S.W. See also (Series C) general correspondence for letters from and relating to Friends.

Francis Cotton

Francis Cotton Jnr.

Letters from sons and daughters: Francis Cotton jr.: farm (from Bentmore ) 1865 & 1867

Francis Cotton

Francis Cotton to sons and daughter

Corresponcence: Francis Cotton to sons and daughter dated 1867 to1868. Letters written while visiting South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales addressed to James, Edward, Joseph and Rachel (December 1867 to January 1868), to Rachel (29 June 1868), to
Joseph (29 June 1868)

Francis Cotton

Frederick Mackies Journal

  • Collection
  • 1852-1855

Collection consists of a photocopy of Mackie's diary dated 1852 - 1855 bound into two volumes with accompanying photographic prints and 35 mm. negatives of some illustrations contained in the diaries.
The diaries (except for the South African portion), with most of the sketches, were published in 1973 as Traveller underconcern, transcribed and edited by Mary Nicholls for the History Department of the University of Tasmania.

Frederick William Mackie

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