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1947 Orientation Handbook

Pages from the Handbook that detail the site plan and floor plan of Domain House, University of Tasmania. As published in the 1947 University Orientation Handbook.

Tasmania University Union

1949 Orientation Handbook

Pages from the Handbook that detail the site plan and floor plan of Domain House, University of Tasmania. As published in the 1949 University Orientation Handbook. Key to buildings and rooms provided by Peter Freeman, Heritage Architect

Tasmania University Union

25 June 1890 to 23 April 1959: University of Tasmania Roll Book of Graduates

List University of Tasmania graduates conferred since the university's formation in 1890 to 23 April 1959 In the first few decades it also includes graduates from other universities in the Empire whose degrees were conferred at the University of Tasmania as ad eundem gradum degrees. The first graduates were conferred on 25 June 1890.

University of Tasmania

Alan Burn : correspondence

  • Collection
  • c1930

Correspondence to and from Alan Burn regarding gas cooling system

Alan Burn

Alan Burn : research notes

  • Collection
  • 1920-1955

Collection consists of research notes compiled by Prof Alan Burn from 1920-1955 when he was Professor of Engineering at UTAS. They included notes on aero research, aerofoil theory, vortex wind theory, hydraulics plans, hydraulic problems, hydraulic machine, problems, 2 dimensional stress, centrifugal pumps x 2, centrifugal and axial pumps, axial flow pumps from J.G. Burnell, axial fans and pumps, rectangular frames, strain energy methods, cavitation in turbines and pumps, struts with elastic supports and analysis of rigid frames (Bowstring & Vierendeel etc)

Alan Burn

Alan Burn Papers

  • Collection
  • 1906-1936

Collection consists of papers, lectures and reports produced by Professor Alan Burn when he was Professor of Engineering at UTAS 1919-1955

Alan Burn

Alexander Leicester McAulay

  • Collection
  • 1943-1950

Lecture notes on physics from lectures attended as student at University of Tasmania and other material relating to physics

Alexander Leicester McAulay

Alexander Leicester McAulay : miscellaneous personal papers

  • Collection
  • 1919-1924

Collection consists of McAulay's Phyics and Quantum Theory notes made while a student at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, certificates of degrees and photographs of Cavendish Laboratory research students 1920, 1921. Students named

Alexander Leicester McAulay

Alexander McAulay

Appointment Indenture for Alexander McAulay, dated 1892 - 1913. Lecturer in Mathematics (1892 & draft); Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1904, 3 copies); Professor of Mathematics (1913, 2 copies).

University of Tasmania

Ameto : comedia delle ninfe Fiorentine

Boccaccio, Ameto, ed. Francesco Sansovino.
Pr. Gabriel Giolito de’ Ferrari, Venice, 1558.
Italic typeface; classicizing engraved initials.
On the title page is an old shelfmark 2940. From the Library of Christ College; given by Rev. R.R. Davies in 1852.
Cent Coll Rare PQ4270. A2 1558.

Annual Commemoration 1896

Photographic except taken from the Tasmanian Mail, 16 January 1897 showing graduating students : Mr W.A. Roberts (LLB), Mr W.J.T. Stops (LLB), Mr Herbert Nicholls (LLB), Mr J.H. Keating (LLB), Miss E.H Wilson, first lady graduate (BA) and Lieutenant -Colonel Cruickshank, Registrar

University of Tasmania

Anthologia Graeca

Anthologia Graeca.

Pr. Henricus Stephanus (Henri Estienne), ‘illustris uiri Huldrichi Fuggeri typographus’, [Geneva], 1566. Using a beautiful Greek typeface.

Inside the front board is the plate of Thornton & Son, Booksellers, 11 The Broad, Oxford. On the front flyleaf, in red ink, ‘E libris Marci Pattisonis, uiri doctissimi, Linc. Coll. Oxon. quondam rectoris – Univ. Oxon.’ Pattison (1813-1884) was rector of Lincoln College Oxford. Inside the front board is the bookplate of Mahinda College, Galle, Ceylon. On it is written, in the same red ink, ‘e libris F. L. Woodward Mahinda College, Galle, Ceylon’ and ‘e Sid. Coll. Cam. schol. 1890’. Given by his executors to the University Library in 1952.

Cent Rare PA 3458 .A2 1566.

Apple & Pear Advisory Board

  • Collection
  • 1965-1969

Collection of Submissions to the Apple & Pear Marketing board by various contributors . Also printed and duplicated material for use by members of the Committee.

Appointment Indentures Collection

  • Collection
  • 1892-1932

Appointment Indentures for early University of Tasmania lecturers, 1892-1932, including some correspondence.

University of Tasmania

Art Exhibition Slides

  • Collection
  • 1960-1972

Collection of exhibition slide. Includes Tasmanian avant-garde paintings, Print Prize exhibition, The Art of Drawing, Dorothy Stoner exhibition, Rodney Broad exhibition Geoff Parr exhibition, Edith Holmes exhibition

University of Tasmania

Arthur Gordon Lyne

  • Collection
  • 1950-1974

Collection consists of certificate, degree diploma, photograph and miscellaneous papers

Arthur Gordon Lyne

Australian Universities rifle match

Group photograph of Australian Universities rifle match, Hobart 1934. Tasmanian team and emergencies. Named : D.G. Rockliff, J.J. Graham, P.C. Tapping, T.L. Malone, H.M Nicholls, M.M. Bruce, D.J. Barclay, M.W. Woods (Captain), S.M. Seares, and J.A. Jillett

McDonell Watkyn Woods

Book of Hours - Fragment

Hours of the Virgin – Matins.1 The closing of Psalm 97 (v. 7-9), response and benediction of Lesson 6 said at the second nocturne. Lesson 7, recited at the third nocturne, begins with the opening verses of the hymn ‘O Beata Virgo Maria’ by Bishop Fulbert of Chartres, with the response and verse relating key moments in the Annunciation story.

Campus Services Directory

  • Collection
  • 1997

Booklet dated 1977 outlining UTAS campus services offered including description of service, and information about and photographs of staff members.

University of Tasmania

Cardno Collection

  • Collection
  • 1934-1974

Collection of study note books from Aberdeen University and t St. John's College, Cambridge and miscellaneous notes and draft article

James Alexander Cardno

Centenary of the University of Tasmania: Current Activities at the University

This copy of the original twenty minute video tape was extracted from the 48 minute film written and directed by Mr John Honey as part of the University's 1990 Centenary Celebration. It features Professor David Green, Chairman of the Professorial Board and Professor Alec Lazenby, Vice Chancellor. It documents activities and research from University departments. The music for the video was performed by the Tasmanian Conservatorium Chorale, the Tasmanian University Music Society and the Conservatorium Chorale Orchestra and recorded at the Centenary Concert held 13th February 1990.

University of Tasmania

Christ College Collection

  • Collection
  • 1840-1947

Collection cosists of material relating to the foundation of the college, reports, accounts, students activities and the library.

University of Tasmania

Codex lustinianus - Fragment

One double sided folio leaf , containing glosses and extracts on legal matters from the Codex lustinianus. The sheets were pasted inside the covers of C. Plinius Secundus, 'Diuinum opus cui titulus historia mundi,' J. Froenius, Basle 1525. The book was formerly owned by Bishop. F.R. Nixon who deposited it in the Diocesan Library in Hobart whence it passed at an unknown date to the Library of Christ College.

College Prospectus and Library Catalogue

College Prospectus, printed by Elliston, Collins Street, Hobart Town and dated 1848. Includes note of nature and advantages of a college, steps taken by Bishop, subscribers, trustees, Hutchins & Launceston Church Grammar schools, scholarships, Franklin Museum; Also bound into this volume is the Catalogue of the Christ's College Library, in the Diocese of Tasmania parts one & two.
Pat one lists books by subject, part two list books by author.

University of Tasmania

Comedies, with the commentary of Petrus Antesignanus Rapistagnensis

Terence, Comedies, with the commentary of Petrus Antesignanus Rapistagnensis.
Binding of blind-stamped pigskin over pasteboard. The pigskin presumably once extended over the whole of the boards, but has been cut back near the half-way point from the spine, and the remainder replaced with parts of leaves from a 15th-cent. manuscript liturgical book in gothic textura with red initials and rubric. That on the back is so rubbed as to be illegible.
Pr. Mathias Bonhome, Lyon, 1560. Heavily used, perhaps in a classroom.
Inside the front board are mottos in Greek and Latin with the monogram ‘CIC’. On the first flyleaf in carmine: ‘Iohannes Christianus Wes(?el) Magdeburgensis Saxo / Anno CID ID CCVII Symbol’/ Iesus Crucifixi Vulnera Me Salvant’. The date is 1707. A similar inscription appears to have been washed off the inside of the back board. Lower down, less formally, ‘Jo: Ch: Wapsa / Anno 1702 & 7 Aprilis’. Also, perhaps in the same hand, 22 gl. On the title page ‘Iohannes Christianus Wapsa / Anno 1702 / & 6 Aprilis.’ Below is ‘Henricus Sebast. Wapsa Iur. Pract. [blank] comp. sibi Halae Saxon. Prid. Cal. Maii anno CID IC CLXVIII’. Further down again is ‘[erased] gyl’. Near the head ‘F. 3’ and ‘Ch: Coll: Tasm:’; probably given by Rev. R. R. Davies in 1852. Inside the front board are penciled 2228 and No. 200.

Cent Coll Rare PA 6755 .A2 1560.

Congratulatory Addresses

  • Collection
  • 1990

Congratulatory Addresses for the University's Centenary in 1990, mostly illuminated and mounted, from universities in Australia and New Zealand and also from the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

University of Tasmania

Conservatorium of Music

  • Collection
  • 1987-1997

Folder of Conservatorium musical event programs, including University Music Series 1987 & 1990. 25th Birthday Celebrations report by Don Kay

University of Tasmania

Degree diploma

Degree diploma - BSc 9 May 1950 (signed Chancellor, Dean of Faculty, Registrar, no seal); ,
PhD. 14 May 1958 (signed Chancellor, Dean of Faculty, Registrar, no seal);
DSc. 11 Dec. 1974 (signed Chancellor, VC, Registrar, wafer seal of University).

Arthur Gordon Lyne

Department of Mathematics

  • Collection
  • 1979-1997

Program and departmental review: Department of Mathematics : report. 23 December 1997. List of Honours, Masters, Ph. D. and D. Sc. Theses, 1964-1979 and technical reports 1979

University of Tasmania

Domain House Archeological Collection

  • Collection
  • 2011

Collection consists of over xxxx objects found on site as floors were excavated in Domain House from 2011 - 2015. Objects include many personal items ranging from paper and letter fragments, nibs, stylus, china fragments and toys

Domain House Signs

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2021/4-Uni
  • Collection
  • C1920-1988

Collection of five signs from the Domain House building Hobart. Includes two Electrical Engineering, University Office, Tasmanian School of Art and a commemorative plaque donated by the Australian federation of University Women - Tas

University of Tasmania

Dugald Gordon McDougall

Appointment Indenture for Dugald Gordon McDougall, dated 1902 - 1932. Professor of Law and Modern History (15 Mar. 1902 & draft); supplement to indenture (2 Feb. 1904); Professor of Law and Modern History (19 Aug. 1904 and draft).

University of Tasmania

Dunbabin Collection

  • Collection
  • 1874-1948

Professor Dunbabin's archives include his notes for lectures, mainly on classics, as a lecturer or professor at the University of Tasmania, his lecture notes and essays while a student at Oxford University and a few from his schooldays, some copies and notes of lectures by colleagues, including Professor W. Mitchell of Adelaide University on philosophy, psychology and economics, Professor W. H. Williams and Professor D. G. Mcdougall, and a catalogue of the Univerity's Greek and Roman coin collection. There is some general correspondence and catalogues of his personal library. Records of the Classical Association of Tasmania, founded in September 1928, are with Professor Dunbabin's papers for the period 1928 - 1938 when he was secretary and then President.

Robert Leslie Dunbabin

Edmund Morris Miller

Appointment Indenture for Edmund Morris Miller, dated 1913 & 1917. Lecturer in Philosophy & Economics (19 November 1913); Lecturer in Philosphy (1917, draft and unsigned indenture)

University of Tasmania

Education & Youth Studies Centre

  • Collection
  • 1990

Manuscripts of papers not held by UTAS Library or listed on Libraries Australia:
• Multiple definitions of and approaches to a complex problem I Joan Abbott-Chapman, Phillip Hughes, Colin Wyld. July 1990.
• From effectiveness and efficiency to excellence: a giant step for education I Phillip Hughes. 1990.
• Towards equity and excellence: final conclusions and recommendations ... I Joan Abbott-Chapman, Phillip Hughes, Colin Wyld. December 1990. [Held at one library only. See Libraries Australia record 8193061]
• The Students at Risk Program (STAR Program): an evaluation of projects in Tasmanian Schools. Report 1 I Joan Abbott-Chapman, Carol Patterson. December 1990.

University of Tasmania

Engineering building

Digital footage from University CCTV camera during the flood event of May 2018

University of Tasmania

Faculty of Medicine : Medical graduates

  • Collection
  • 1997

Publication issued in 1997 titled Medical Graduates 1997 - contains photographs of graduates and social occasions also reflections on medical studies.

University of Tasmania

Fine Arts Committee

  • Collection
  • 1969-1974

Collection of colured slides produced by the Fine Art Committee of various exhibitions organised by them . "Tom Roberts and his Circle" an exhibition of works by painters of the Heidelberg School, 24th June - 9th July 1969, Penny Smith "Clay Forms" 1974 and other unnamed exhibitions.

University of Tasmania

Flood event May 2018

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2018/1-Uni
  • Collection
  • 2018

University of Tasmania

Fragment from Psalter with Passion readings

Leaf from a Psalter transcribed by Pietro Ursuleo of Capua (d. 1483), an accomplished scribe and bishop of Satriano from 1474 to 1483 (appointed to the archbishopric of Santa Severina 22 Feb 1483 until his death in April).
The Gospel according to Luke 22: 62-71 to 23: 1-8. The text covers the plot to kill Jesus, and Peter’s denial.

Geoffrey Chaucer, Works

Geoffrey Chaucer, Works.
Printed in London by John Kyngston for John Wyght, in 1561.
This is the fourth printed edition of Chaucer’s collected works, effectively a reprint of the 1532 edition, with fourteen leaves of additional verse, and the long poem The Siege of Thebes by John Lydgate, monk of Bury.
The text is in ‘black-letter’, i.e. gothic type, with many decorated initials and several engraved illustrations.
On the second flyleaf is pencilled ‘No. 68 in Arch’s Catalogue of 1814’. John and Arthur Arch (fl. 1792-1838) were London booksellers. Bookplate of Edgar Atheling Drummond (1825-1893). Acquired by the University Library from the bookseller Bernard Quaritch, London, in 1930.

Cent Rare Folio PR 1850 1561.

Glossa Ordinaria - Fragment

One double sided folio leaf , containing glosses and extracts on legal matters from the Codex lustinianus. The sheets were pasted inside the covers of C. Plinius Secundus, 'Diuinum opus cui titulus historia mundi,' J. Froenius, Basle 1525. The book was formerly owned by Rev. F.R. Nixon who deposited it in the Diocesan Library in Hobart whence it passed at an unknown date to the Library of Christ College.

Group at the Springs

Group photograph of team members and others taken at the Springs, Mt. Wellington, Hobart during the 1934 Australian Universities Rifle Match

McDonell Watkyn Woods

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