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George Meredith
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Charles Meredith to parents

Letters from Charles Meredith (1811-1880) to his mother and father, from Maria Island: whale blubber, needed casks, calico etc. (6 Aug. 1833); from Hobart wool prices, John Amos' grant, Allport's circular (Aug. 1834); from N.S.W.: visiting farms (Sept. l834); from Hobart: Colonist, Robertson editor, libel case- Robertson sentenced to 13 months in prison and £200 fine for libel on Col. Arthur &
Rowlands (Feb.-Mar. 1835), Boyes, schooner stores, wool prices; Montague & Col. Arthur - Arthur trying to aggravate family; Allport advised against action against Rowlands, advised father to return servants to Government and confine pursuits to sheep, price of sugar, rice etc., interview with Frankland in re McDonald's grant; from N.S.W.: purchased sheep run at "Tuggranery" on Murrumbidgee River, Capt Sturt arrived from England married and selected "Gininginingderry" [Ginninderra] 16 miles from Tuggranery
and 22 miles from Charles's section.

Charles Meredith

Clara Meredith to father

Letter from Clara Meredith c. 1837-9 from school with Mrs Betts to her father George Meredith, written in French to show how she is improving, referring also to arithmetic, use of globes, dancing, music

Clara Meredith

George Meredith jun. to stepmother

Letter dated 17th June 1829 from George Meredith Jnr from Red banks asking for supplies, including spirit, spades, bags,
Windsor soap, quills, knife and fork, tobacco, iron for chains- Mr King's smith a chain maker.

George Meredith Jnr

Henry Meredith to parents

Letters from school at New Town Academy from Henry Meredith (1821-1836): went to races- boat on four wheels drawn by horses, new school being erected, holidays with Master Butcher and Master Smith, hopes Mother recovered from her "long illness" (1832-1833); from Hobart: business matters, Boyes, Richards and Smith's bills, vessel nearly discharged and Bell kept sober (5 Dec. 1834).

Henry Meredith

Maria Meredith to parents

Letters from Maria Meredith to parents dated 1837 - 1841. Letters from school or, later, her sisters' homes in Hobart from Maria Meredith (1824-1882) to her mother, Mary Meredith, and one to her father: school under Mrs Charlotte Betts, music lessons with Mrs Logan, new governess Mrs Home (July 1838), request to have singing lessons from Mrs Elliott (Oct 1841), health - influenza and erysipelas (Nov. 1837); family: birthday of Sabina Bell [niece] (May 1837), christening party of Charles Crofton Boyes (Dec. 1838); shopping for clothes etc.for mother and brothers and sisters, wax doll for Fanny's birthday (Nov. 1841); friends: Mrs Arthur Smith, Mrs Dobson, Gregsons, Alfred Stephens married Miss Bedford (July 1838); dances, Government House functions, horticultural show (Oct. 1841).grand regatta to be in December (Oct. 1838).

Maria Meredith

Sabina Meredith to parents

Letters from Sabina Meredith (Mrs Boyes) to parents dated 1831-1841, some undated. "Papa" from Sabina Meredith (1810-1877, married John Boyes 9 Mar. 1833), from Hobart: articles needed for abode with her sisters in town including snuffers, tea kettle, turkeys, bottled gooseberries, account of breakages, mother's illness (1832-3); as Mrs Boyes: pregnancies, children, christening (1835), children's party for little Louisa's birthday (12 Dec.1839), Sabina's 4th birthday (Nov. 1840); baby boy fatter than ever- Dr Bedford advised weaning but not yet 9 months (28 June 1839); miscarriage (10 Jan.1840); sister Sarah's health and midwife (6 Nov. 1840); her quinsy and Dr. Bedford's treatment (28 June 1839); Boyes' illness- ordered shower baths (30 Nov. 1836); Bell's illness (1839-40); death of Boyes mother from stroke at 72 (12 Dec. 1839); shopping for mother, young stepsisters at school (1833, Jan. I839); visit to Swanport (Nov .1840, Jan. 1841); Mrs Charles [Louisa Twamley Meredith] (Oct 1839); friends: Swanstons, Youngs, Gregsons, Dr Bedford to marry Miss Selby at end of year (June 1835), dance at Barracks, visit to Government House (ND), stone of Government House laid at Govt
Garden Pt. with elegant lunch in pavilion (5 Nov.1840); servants- wages high for respectable couple (25 Oct. 1839).

Sabina Meredith