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A : Correspondence and Papers

Letters from descendants of settlers on the East Coast in answer to requests from Dr. Parker for historical information. Some include personal reminiscences or reference to documents or sketches (sometimes offering the loan of them) but others are vague or have no information. Also letters mainly about historical queries and East Coast families, correspondence with Angus Robertson and Miscellaneous invitations. Also included are a copy of the bylaws of the Swansea Rifle Club.

Australian Magnesium Company

Correspondence relating to the Tasmanian Magnesium industry from C.H. Grant and John Reynolds, Managing Directors Australian Magnesium Co., to the Minister for Mines

John Reynolds


Miscellaneous correspondence and notes also correspondence relating to Philatelic Societies and stamps

John Reynolds

Correspondence and notes

Miscellaneous correspondence and notes, including draft of "A.I. Clark's American sympathies and his infJuence on Australian Federation" and of "The Clark's of Rosebank"

John Reynolds

Jane River Mining

Correspondnce relating to Jane River Mining and a copy of the 1935 report. Also correspondence on vibrating screens.

John Reynolds

Letter : William L. Wells

Letter written by William L. Wells to "Sister" dated 17 July 1910. Grandson, Frank and Isabel's child, William Walker Wells, little Francie,
Arnold, Ella.

William Levitt Wells

Letters : Bessie Wells to father

Letters written by Elizabeth Lucy (Bessie) Wells to father, Martin Lidbetter, and mother 1884 - 1886. Bessie's letters to her parents were intended for all her family, as she says in her first letter on the voyage (6 May 1884) which was addressed to Father, Mother, Robert & Sophie, Tom & Lizzie, Willie, Harry & Mary. Her first letter was written from Greenhithe before sailing and describes their boarding, seen off by the Wells father, Prissie, Uncles James Wells, Henry & Louie and her two children, Mabel and Arthur. Her letters supplement the journal of the voyage and describe their lives on the voyage, in Hobart and later at the Don River. There are references to the children's schooling, their hopes for a Friends School and eventual arrival of Samuel Clemes and family and the start of the School and the attendance of Edith and Frank, although the expense was almost too much but Edith gained a scholarship. There are references to visits from other Friends and occasionally relatives, visits to Melbourne, etc. A letter of 13.12.1891 was written on Wells Store printed letter-head.
• Nos. 8-12, 1884 - voyage
• Nos.13-18, 1885 - January 1886 - Hobart
• Nos.19-25, 1886, February-August Don River store (including incomplete letter from Melbourne with postscript from Don, 8 June 1886 - Arnold's eye)
• Nos.26-44, 1887-1893 Don River (including two undated letters c1891- Edith got scholarship, c1892 wedding of Walter Lean at Table Cape, Minnie Furmage and 2 children, Willie going to Latrobe daily, Frank possibly not returning to Friends School after Christmas as fees £50 now he had turned twelve)

William Levitt Wells

Letters received 1927-1958

Letters mainly about historical queries and East Coast families from (reference numbers in brackets): A.A. Allen, Bicheno (wool press, whaling, 1929, P/l/2 [3]); H. Amos, 1930-31 (9,10,12,44); T. Amos Heriot, 1949 (news cutting about Meredith's arrival with sheep, 31); Douglas Cotton, Kelvedon, 1947 (diaries at Kelvedon, 26); John Gellibrand 1935 (15,21); Glamorgan Municipality, 1948-1953 (permission to photograph photo of first Council, possible assistance in publishing book on Swanport, (27-29); R.W. Giblin, 1929 (4); Robert Snowdon Hay, Bishop of Tasmania, 1927 (agreeing to open fair for Bellerive Mothers' Union in aid of the Sunday School 11) 1933 (answer to congratulatory letter, 13); J. Heyer, 1934 (Rev. Thomas Dove, 14); W.H. Hudspeth, 1930 (Thorneycroft or other house in Macquarie St., 34); Ernest? Hull (Marquis of Salisbury papers, 20); R.W. Legge, Cullenswood, 1935 (17); N.E. Lewis, 1928 (2); B. Lyne, Campbell Town, 1958 (45); Violet Mace, Bothwell and Schouten House, Swansea, 1930-1935 (offering copies of Australasian, Meredith letters, farm diaries (1858-1898), maps, 5, 7, 8, 9, 16, 18, 19); Ian B. Macdonald, 1939 (Swansea Church Ch 23); T.A. Miles, 1955 (ships, 39); Sarah E.E. Mitchell, 1936, (Christmas greetings, 22); Harry O'May, Shiplovers Society, 1948 (East Coast Shipping, 30); D.C. Pearse, 1958, (artist Munnings, 47) Amy Rowntree, 1954 (Runnymede Church, 37); Amy C. Shaw, 1931 (Joseph Allen memorial window St. David's Cathedral, 11); Fred C. Shaw, 1950 (Rocky Hills convicts, 38), 1956 (All Saints Church Swansea dedicated 1871, 41),1957 (post office, 42); Angus G. Shoobridge, 1947 (25); Karl Von Stiglitz,1950-1955 (32, 33, 35, 36,40); State Library Board, 1957 (proposal that the State Archives Department should undertake 2. cont. p. 1 the care of all archive material and the Board appoint Honorary Archivists to locate historical records, compile inventories, advise on storage and encourage transfer to the State Archives, 43}; Australian Dictionary of Biography? 1957 (provisional list of Tasmanians, 46).

Letters : William and Bessie Wells

William and Bessie Wells to Thomas and Lizzie dated 1885 – 1888. William to sister and brother in law, with notes and one letter enclosed from Bessie: Baby 12 weeks old, Frank and Edith attending Miss Johnson's school, wishes Edith could go to Ackworth school with Fanny, Father & Prissie (September 1885); Hobart house with sketch of verandah railings and "frieze" made by William L. Wells., Edward Octavius Cotton, Mr Henry's business offer, Thomas Lidbetter and son staying after birth of another son for T.L. (18.10.85); family life; birth of fourth son Hugh, business (24.1.88); Miss Greer to be married (5.9.88).

William Levitt Wells

Letters : William Wells to Father

Letters written by William Wells to Father dated 25 September 1885, 8 January 1888 Hobart: Mather family, job prospects, Thomas Lidbetter there - reminds them of Martin Lidbetter, children and new "young Tasmanian" Martin (1885); Don: birth of Hugh (1888).

William Levitt Wells

Letters received 1922-1929

The letters were not filed in chronological order but grouped according to writer or family including: F.Taylor (W.A., descendant of Merediths), B. Izod, Thomas Dunbabin, H. Amos, Robert Legge ,B.S.Hammond, K. Smith, H.R .Dumaresq, Emily Mayson, Edwin Mitchell of Mayfield (about maps), G.H.Drake (of Seaford about medicine and documents), Lyne family, J.W. Beattie, H.L.Bayley, A.A. MacLaine, E.J. But1er (DeadIsland), Allan Dilger (Ram Island graves), Sarah E.E.Mitchell (Swansea old church and bell), Fred Mace, Mary Walker (copies of sketches), Mrs. Eliza Johnson (1928, grandaughter of Thomas Buxton), Frederick Rapp (1928, reminiscences and old church), R.W.Giblin (1929), J. Lane.


Correspondence relating to limestone - Premier & Chief Secretary's Office, dated 1939

John Reynolds


Correspondence relating to Philatelic Societies and stamps. Also certificate of Life Membership of Tasmanian Philatelic Society awarded for distinguished service dated 24 January 1974 (formerly in frame).

John Reynolds

Scamander Mineral Exploration Company

Two files of correspondence and one folder of newspaper cuttings relating to the Scamander Mineral Exploration Company, dated 1967 to 1968, some newpaper cuttings from 1957

John Reynolds

Wolfram & Scheelite

Correspondence relating to the production and sale of Tasmanian wolfram and scheelite for the production of tungsten metal and contract for sale to United Kingdom, some written by John Reynolds as Commerce Officer, Department of Agriculture & Industry . Dated 1939 to 1940

John Reynolds